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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Imperative Role Of Mental Health Support In The Most Effective Substance Abuse Treatment

When many North Carolina parents begin seeking a rehab program for their troubled young adult or adolescent, they do so initially in search of the right substance abuse treatment - weaning their loved one off the substance that is ravaging their life. Sure enough, the leading rehab programs help their patients to cease their substance abuse and avoid the associated psychological, social, financial, legal and/or physical consequences.

However, the most effective local program will also recognize the importance of the highest standard of mental health support in North Carolina. The staff behind such a program will realize, after all, that addressing the ever-present emotional issues that accompany substance abuse is vital if the patient is to see a real and sustained recovery - whether or not those issues pre-date the actual drug and alcohol abuse. It's why the right program will embrace an integrated, holistic approach where the patient's mental health support needs are not neglected.

This means a need for the care provided by the program to be individualized to the patient, in addition to the program's clinicians holding credentials in both clinical addictions and mental health support. The overall treatment program needs to be a sophisticated one. Yes, the clinical care needs to be of a high standard, not only using evidence-based, research proven methodologies but also blending these based on the specific needs of the individual.

However, the aim of freedom from substance abuse is made much more achievable when a program equips its patients with all of the skills that they require to live a happy and productive life away from their previous psychological dependence on drugs and alcohol. The chosen program should demonstrate to its participants how they can have sober fun, as part of a focus on self-efficacy and fostering a connection with the natural self.

Any good program will be very much centered on the whole person, addressing their needs as they are now, not as the person they may think they should be. We certainly take seriously our embrace of the whole individual here at Red Oak Recovery®, of which the most effective mental health support in North Carolina is an integral part. Through approaches ranging from nutritional therapy, art therapy and yoga to individual/group therapy, experiential therapy and life skills training, we help patients to take true ownership of their mental health en route to sustained happiness in their lives.

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