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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nutrition & Exercise In Recovery

Nutrition and exercise in recovery
By the time an individual enters an addiction treatment facility, their addictions have likely taken a toll on their overall health. A large percentage of addicts are malnourished, and haven’t been getting proper nutrition in their bodies for some time. Many alcoholics get a large portion of their daily caloric intake from alcohol, which contains empty calories. This lack of nutrition can lead to dehydration, a weakened immune system and an unhealthy weight. Exercise is also far down on the to do list for many in active addiction. The lack of a proper diet and exercise, coupled with substance wreaking havoc on the body, can deteriorate one’s overall health rapidly.

The absence of addictive substances is a small piece in the puzzle of getting well. Being sober must be coupled proper nutrition and exercise to properly recover. Addiction treatment offers a safe haven for individuals to re-identify themselves. As a young man or woman progresses through our Young Adult Rehab Program, they will begin to feel better physically, spiritually, and emotionally. After feeling better for some time, they begin to re-identify themselves as active and healthy and they seek to perpetuate the feeling of wellness this brings.

Red Oak’s program provides a healthy diet, with a great amount of the food grown here at the facility. We offer many therapeutic adventure-based therapies (such as rock climbing, rafting and hiking) that provide our residents with the physical activity that their bodies need. These are just a few of the aspects of our program that assist in the physical improvements of our residents.

A proper diet and exercise not only help heal a person physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well. Feeling better physically helps one realize that feeling good is possible in recovery, without the use of addictive substances. It also helps the individual become comfortable enough to reach a place where change becomes a more acceptable notion.

Nutrition and exercise are basic qualities of a healthy lifestyle. At Red Oak Recovery®, we help young people get back to the basics to rebuild themselves. This is a small, but important, aspect of addiction recovery at Red Oak. Our program implements many therapies and activities that teach young men and women the qualities needed to not only stay sober, but grow into healthy, outstanding human beings.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Young Adults, Decisions and Consequences

Young adult decisions have consequences
Regret, guilt and shame are common sentiments experienced by young adults after a night of heavy drinking. The level of regret is often akin to the level of problems a young adult has amassed in their life as a direct result of drinking. For many, romantic relationships, friendships, grades or jobs suffer. Many can recover from these dips through changing the decisions they make and how they live day to day, which they learn in addiction recovery.

For some, one bad decision can change their lives. Two cases that made headlines last week reveal how alcohol abuse can lead to negative lifelong consequences. They involve young adult women who decided to get behind the wheel after a night of drinking. These women, both from Florida, were charged with DUI manslaughter.

Kayala Mendoza got behind the wheel drunk in November 2013 and it resulted in the death of 21-year-olds Kaitlyn Ferrante and Marisa Catronio after a head on collision. This incident made headlines because of a harrowing tweet Mendoza composed a few hours before the crash that read “2 drunk 2 care.” She is now set to serve for 24 years in prison and banned from driving for life. Prior to her sentencing she said “I know that I have made mistakes and the outcome is so much more than I could ever imagine,”... “No matter how much time passes by, [Ferrante and Catronio] will never leave my heart. I think about them every day and I regret my choices every day.”

The second tragic DUI case involved a young adult, Mila Dago, 24, who pleaded not guilty to the DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide charges despite a text message that indicated she was drunk before getting behind the wheel and killing a passenger in her car in an August 2013 crash. Her blood alcohol was taken 2 hours after the crash showed she had BAC of .178 – more than twice the legal limit. Recent evidence showed that in the hours before the crash she sent 60 texts to her boyfriend, including one 3 minutes before the crash that said “driving drunk woo ... I’ll be dead thanks to you ... lata.”

Both of these tragic cases magnify how grave the consequences of alcohol abuse can be on a young adult’s life. Often, the substance abuse starts before a major incident occurs as bad decisions increase over time as the addiction erodes their inhibitions. Young adults are aware of the dangers of drunk driving and many plan around how to get to and from places when they intend on drinking via designated drivers and car services. However young adults with substance abuse problems usually find themselves drunk or high without prior planning and don’t have a safety net in place.

In active addiction the decision to use or drink is often eroded – it just happens – and the decisions that follow are poor and impacting. Red Oak Recovery®’s treatment program helps many young adults recover when they begin to see the negative consequences of their addiction fueled decisions. Our addiction programs can help before lifelong consequences occur within a young adult’s life resulting from drug and alcohol induced decisions.