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Monday, December 28, 2015

Culinary Arts Benefit Clients During Active & Post Rehab Process

Culinary Arts Addiction Rehab Recovery
At Red Oak Recovery®, clients embrace gardening, cooking and eating as key parts of their recovery program. Nutrition plays an integral role in physical and emotional healing, and residents discover this by growing and harvesting their food, taking culinary classes, and making nutritional lifestyle changes that give them energy and stamina for their sobriety journey. In addition, clients enjoy meals prepared by a professional chef and featuring local farm-to-table ingredients. This hands-on approach to food helps young adults learn the importance of nutritional management during the addiction recovery process.

Benefits of Culinary Arts in Addiction Recovery 

Clients recovering from addiction have many nutritional obstacles to overcome. In most cases, healthy eating has been neglected for weeks, months, or years. Therapeutic food prep and cooking teaches clients to address nutritional deficiencies while re-learning an appreciation for delicious, healthy foods that nourish both the body and spirit. Cooking therapy and nutrition management are life skills that will serve young adults well during all phases of sobriety. Additional benefits of culinary therapy include:

  1. Stress relief 
  2. Social fellowship 
  3. Opportunity to develop a new hobby 
  4. Enhanced focus, organization & time management 
  5. Elevated confidence & self-esteem 
  6. Improved physical health 
Culinary therapy and nutritional classes also benefit clients with co-occurring anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Under the supervision of our chefs, nutritional counselors, and credentialed addiction specialists, each of our clients develops a new appreciation for a balanced diet and its ability to heal the body, fuel the mind, and stimulate the soul.

A Nutritional & Holistic Approach to Recovery 

Organic tasks like gardening and cooking are part of the life-changing experience offered to young adults living at Red Oak Recovery®. In our beautiful North Carolina setting, clients learn to share and appreciate the healthy connection between food, physical health, emotional health, and cooperation. Paired with gender-specific clinical treatment and life-skills classes, nutritional therapy is one of the building blocks on the pathway to successful sobriety. Dial 866-831-9107 or fill out a confidential contact form to get in touch with our admissions counselors or learn more about our culinary therapy program.

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