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Thursday, May 11, 2017

5 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Feeling bloated? Breaking out? Can’t seem to focus? A diet loaded with processed, sugary foods can cause inflammation in the body, erratic energy levels and can even lead to a sugar addiction.

Though you likely know that controlling your sugar is a smart recovery move, it may not be that easy. Manufacturers sneak the white stuff into a bunch of so-called  “healthy” foods, including flavored yogurt, nut butters and protein bars. It’s even found in foods that don’t taste sweet, like deli meat. What's more, studies have shown that there are nearly 60 different names for sugar.
So beyond reading food labels, what’s the best way to monitor your intake of sugar – which, according to the World Health Organization, is about six teaspoons of the sweet stuff per day? Listen to your body: Here are some common warning signs: 
  • Your skin: A high-sugar diet can cause inflammation throughout the body. The result: acne. 
  • Your energy: They don't call it a sugar crash for nothing. Loading up on high levels of sugar can create a sudden rise and fall in blood sugar levels. 
  • Your teeth: Cavities are a surefire sign of sugar overload. The sweet stuff causes the bacteria in your mouth to produce the acid that eventually damages your teeth and leads to tooth decay.
  • Your tastebuds: Eating too much sugar basically builds up tolerance so foods won’t taste as sweet and you’ll need more and more sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth. 
  • Your mental health: Too much sweet stuff can wreak havoc on your mood, leading to anxiety and depression. Plus, dips in blood sugar can cause mental fog.
Our Food Philosophy at Red Oak Recovery
Our nutritional therapy program, as part of our drug and alcohol treatment, approaches food and eating holistically. The food we prepare is designed to heal the body from the malnutrition and dehydration that substance abuse can cause. To learn more, call: 866-831-9107.

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